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Linbaq Holding is a professional organisation who are expert and highly experience in property development sector. Besides, Linbaq Holdings also focus on construction and trading, education and skill development industry as well.

The main key of Linbaq Holdings is to develop a sustainable community, where generations will live, work and play in settings that are environmentally sensitive and supported by extensive amenities and infrastructure.

At Linbaq, we are always seeking new possibilities and partners to grow with. If you are keen on collaborative efforts, kindly send us an email detailing your interests at corporate@linbaq.com



Despite being a relatively newcomer to the construction industry, Linbaq Holdings has a good number of completed and ongoing property development projects under its proverbial belt. While most of these projects have been within Johor Bahru, future development will expand to Ulu Tiram and Senai locally, and to Australia on the global front.

Its group of key persons with diversified expertise has spearheaded the undertaking and development of various projects. These projects, which include high-rise residences and a hotel, are worth in total approximately RM225 million.


Driven by a passion to do things with a difference, Linbaq has embarked on various projects such as:


Linbaq Holding places the utmost importance on the wellbeing and safety of its personnel. Linbaq values its team and ensures that priority is given to their well being and safety. The organisation recognises that poor management in environmental and operational safety measures can significantly impact many lives as well as organisation goals. Therefore, sufficient resources are allocated to ensure the best interest for everyone.
To complement Linbaq’s primary business in property development and construction, a trading arm has been established which supplies not only to Linbaq’s projects but also others as well.

Pest React Sdn Bhd is a daughter company of Linbaq Holding, which is led by Datuk Khoo Teck Kee. Pest React Sdn Bhd aims to create pest-free communities in the nation.

Uniting two missions in serving the people and the communities, Pest React Sdn Bhd and Linbaq Holding shall provide first-class pest control and high-quality developments respectively. This tremendous synergy will undoubtedly give rise to happier and healthier societies.

For more information, please visit us at www.pestreact.com